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Thirst 4 Fitness, specialises in training people from home, the office, parks, or any variety of other location of your choice, we'll bring the gym to you.

Thirst4Fitness Philosophy


  • To help you achieve the results you wish to accomplish we rely on both our experience and scientific evidence combined.


  • A balance of exercise, nutrition & lifestyle are essential to your development regardless of your goal.


  • Everybody was built unique, therefore specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, targets towards individual goals must be adhered to, in order to achieve the results for the body YOU live in.


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  • Peter Bridgeland - Improving Self Esteem & Building Muscle

    Peter Bridgeland - Improving Self Esteem & Building Muscle

    "My name is Peter Bridgland and I am from Ilford Essex.

    After seeing Gary one night and talking to him, He sparked something within me to start training.

    My target was to turn back the clock eight years to when I came out the Army.
    I started with running and circuit training and I started to see results almost immediately.

    Gary has years of experience and knowledge in his very youthful head and shoulders. Gary is an asset to anyone wishing to get a good start to achieving there personal fitness goals.

    Gary has inspired me to push myself harder,and I can't thank him enough."

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The inhale and exhale process of simply taking a deep breath, enables you to take them very important steps. Time for stress to leave, time to express, time to breathe.


Whatever it is, think about it, then pursue it. Believe in yourself, get to KNOW that your will - will get through it and that you too CAN indeed, do it.


When body connects with mind, you begin to breathe, you begin to believe, When action is taken, changes are embraced, now you can achieve, regardless of what you face.


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