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Thirst 4 Fitness, specialises in training people from home, the office, parks, or any variety of other location of your choice, we'll bring the gym to you.

train at homeTrain at Home:

Sometimes motivation is hindered by the stress of life's newfound responsibilities and unexpected events. The train at home package offers a service where a trainer turns up at your doorstep at a specific time to suit your training needs, with the necessary tools to motivate and train you into the shape you aspire to be. This package will save you stress, time, and conveniently add value and balance to your life.


train outsideTrain Outdoors:

One huge advantage from my experience when training clients outdoors is the amount of space you have available around you when performing your workouts. Breathing fresh air whilst training outdoors is healthy, fun and functional for the human body. This package is ideal for anyone who relishes adventure and a new challenge. Open up your lungs today and breathe better by training outdoors in the natural nature around you.

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train onlineOnline Training:

A training plan in the palm of your hand. If you lead a busy lifestyle then having a tailored 4-12 week programme to crack on with following an online consultation maybe perfect for you. Online training will save you time and money. Progress will be measured through weekly meet ups and round the clock support based on whatever works best for you and your lifestyle requirements. 


personalised trainingPersonalised Programmes:

In need of something new without any attachments? - no problem. Our ready-made, tried and tested programmes can be purchased to help you keep inspired and motivated. Each workout specicifies what level they are designed for so you can create what potentially works best for you.

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train with a buddy

Train Together:

Buddy up with a friend and train together! Training with a friend can be very motivating and help spur you on to achieving your fitness goals sooner than you'd expected. If you have similar goals than this package is ideal for you. Save your self some money, split the cost and train together.


  • Peter Bridgeland - Improving Self Esteem & Building Muscle

    Peter Bridgeland - Improving Self Esteem & Building Muscle

    "My name is Peter Bridgland and I am from Ilford Essex.

    After seeing Gary one night and talking to him, He sparked something within me to start training.

    My target was to turn back the clock eight years to when I came out the Army.
    I started with running and circuit training and I started to see results almost immediately.

    Gary has years of experience and knowledge in his very youthful head and shoulders. Gary is an asset to anyone wishing to get a good start to achieving there personal fitness goals.

    Gary has inspired me to push myself harder,and I can't thank him enough."

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