Why should we train legs? Well the simple answer is because you need legs to stand on!

A well built upper body is unable to move effectively and efficiently without a well built pair of legs! Whether your bodybuilding or playing football; training legs is a fundamental when improving your performance on the pitch, court, and not just on the body building stage but generally speaking, life's biggest stage too!

Training legs with just the amount of intensity (if not more) than when you train those 'guy-classic' 't shirt muscles' ? (such as guns and pecs) will produce one very important hormone which I'm sure will appeal to almost every males desire....

Training legs boosts your testosterone levels!

What is testosterone? Testosterone is a hormone which stimulates the general development within the male human species.

The benefits of boosting testosterone levels:

- build muscle

- burns fat

- improves endurance

- increases sex drive (yes that's right, something your partner, I'm sure will only approve of) because no one likes to see a man on a beach with big arms, big chest and skinny legs! 

The legs hold some of the bodies, most largest muscles and generates some of the body's most powerful movements. Therefore doesn't it make perfect sense to train them? Although the answer is a very obvious yes; Like the wheels to a car, your legs must also be maintained...

But How?

Rest and recovery are just as important as the resistance you put them bad boys under, so it's important to keep a healthy balance. Eating clean, sleeping tight, and training right will certainly put you on the right track but DON'T FORGET TO STRETCH! - because no one likes a tight arse...so MOVE!!! - Squat, lunge, deadlift, get up, step up, climb, power walk, hop, jump, jog, run, skip, dance, swim, turn, shuffle, twist, curtzie, abduct, adduct, kick & sprint those hills! Whatever you choose to do, just - UPGRADE - THOSE - WHEELS! ?

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