Ladies and gents, be more considerate towards your posture when you walk!
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Remember, walking is an exercise but you wouldn't necessarily train with a dumbbell on one shoulder throughout your session, or would you? 
If you wear bags over your shoulder throughout most of your day, then maybe you should...Otherwise, ditch the, 'bag over one shoulder' look!
Instead, invest in a bag which rocks comfortably over both shoulders. This enables you to distribute your weight more evenly when you walk, and use both your arms more freely, rather than just depending more on one side! Better still, carry no bag now and again, and focus on your walking to see how stress-free your body feels without one! Sometimes conditioning your body to exercise with weight (including baggage) can be damaging towards the posture. So relieving yourself from 'baggage' can be an enlightening experience especially when it's been overlooked for sometime.
And lastly, 
'Try it before you buy it'
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Lastly ladies, reduce the amount of time you wear high heels throughout the majority of your day and week! Unless your competently training in heels or if you want to experience posture pain or even worse a potential injury to the spine, then keep doing it! Otherwise, change it up now and again: Wearing flats or something more functional for your body to walk in; - Not only will your body appreciate it but so too will others around you receiving your 'stress free' energy.